Our Neighbourhood

Situated in Odda, the industrial high point of the West Coast of Norway with one of the most scenic nature and contrasts in Norway, our Hotel has an exiting location and exiting neighbours. Some of our closest are the sheeps and you may even meet a lot of lambs in the spring time.

The Hardangerfjord region and its spectacular landscapes is the right place to go if you want to explore and experience adventures in Norwegian nature. The area is known for its fjords and famous waterfalls like the splitting waterfall Låtefossen in the waterfall valley "Oddadalen" or Vøringsfossen with a fall of 182 meters.


What about hiking on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau or exploring the blue ice of Folgefonna National Park? See the great history of Odda and the region at the Norwegian Water Power Museum in Tyssedal, stroll and do some shopping in the small city Odda, even hike to the supermarket, buy some cherries from the sales booth at the road in Hardanger Fjord and much more.

The Hardangerfjord region can be visited during the whole year, in winter the area is known for its snow secure and often snow records in Northern Europe, springtime shows it glance when the ‘Fruitgarden of Norway’ starts to blossom, summer is the perfect hiking time to Trolltunga - and there is so much more to experience for those who like to have an active holiday in Norway.